About Us

At the BAye Hive Boutique our number one priority is to make it affordable for you to be fashion forward without breaking the bank.

The BAye Hive Tribe are considered a group of misfits that make the trends and not follow them. No matter your style, whether you're the Sexy Diva, Social Media Fiend, Nerd, Iconoclastic or any where in between, our clothes are made for you.

The BAye Hive Tribe is a one of a kind community centered around empowerment and self-love. 

The BAye Hive Boutique started in Virginia but is now located in Jacksonville, Florida. We are a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran owned entity. When you shop at the BAye Hive Boutique, you're not fattening the pockets of millionaires, you're supporting a family (much like your own).

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Thank you for shopping at The BAye Hive Boutique! 


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