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Bowknot Women's Pointed Toe Thin High Heels

Bowknot Women's Pointed Toe Thin High Heels

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The "Bowknot Women's Pointed Toe Thin High Heels" come in various sizes and have specific heel and platform heights. Here's a breakdown of their sizes and measurements:

  • Size 35: US size 4, feet length 22.5CM
  • Size 36: US size 5, feet length 23CM
  • Size 37: US size 6, feet length 23.5CM
  • Size 38: US size 7, feet length 24CM
  • Size 39: US size 8, feet length 24.5CM
  • Size 40: US size 9, feet length 25CM
  • Size 41: US size 10, feet length 25.5CM
  • Size 42: US size 11, feet length 26CM

Heel Height: The heels of these shoes have a height of 12 cm, which gives them a stylish and elevated look.

Platform Height: There is a platform with a height of 0.5 cm, which can provide a bit of added comfort and support, especially given the tall heel.

These high heels are designed with a pointed toe and a bowknot accent, adding a touch of elegance and femininity to your outfit. When selecting your size, it's important to refer to the provided foot length measurements to ensure a proper fit.


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